The Origin, Effects and Dosage of Red Horn Kratom

While it is true that many strains of Kratom are readily available, some such as the Red Horn Kratom are very rare. The Kratom needs specific weather and climate conditions for it to grow making its cultivation very hard. In fact, Red Horn Kratom is very rare to the extent that most people confuse it with Maeng Da Strain. Even though the two might have similar effects, they have some distinctive features as well.

The Origin of Red Horn Kratom

It is believed that wide varieties of the Red Horn Kratom originate from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Borneo and Thailand. It has spiky leaves and are jagged up. These are similar traits to those of Maeng Da Strains and it explains why the two are mostly confused.

The Effects of Red Horn Kratom

The fact that this is a rare strain but most Kratom users are willing to go to the furthest end just to lay their hands on it shows that it is very effective. Here are some of its main effects:

  1. Pain Reliever

Most Red Horn Kratom users say that they rely on the strain because of its pain relieving abilities. It contains alkaloids that are responsible for killing pain caused by chronic diseases. Most Kratom lovers prefer this strain as opposed to the pharmaceutical drugs that may be toxic and cause adverse side effects.

  1. Causes Euphoric Effects

Depending on your dosage, many users say this strain gives them a mild of excitement. This feeling only lasts for as long as the drug is in your system then fades away with time unless you take another dose. However, it is important to note that you will have to take this strain in high amounts for you to realize these effects.

  1. It is an Energy Booster

People who are very busy in their careers or professions use the Red Horn Kratom as an energy booster to keep them going for as long as possible. Students also rely on this strain to help them focus more on their studies.

In some cases, the strain can help kill anxiety and enhance calmness.

What is the Ideal Dosage for the Red Horn Kratom?

If you are a new user, 1 gram of the Red Horn Kratom is enough. For moderate users, a maximum of 3 grams per dose is enough. It is important to note that if you are taking the Red Horn Kratom for its Effects, you might have to take slightly higher doses.


The Red Horn Kratom is a rare strain grown in the southeast parts of Asia that include Thailand, Borneo and Indonesia. Even though the Kratom is very rare, people still look for it to cure their chronic pains and boost their energy levels. However, you might have to use it in high amounts to realize some of these effects.