Left Coast Kratom Review

Kratom enthusiasts are emerging every day and this in result, the limited kratom supply to thousands of kratom fans. Kratom experts know very well that there are many vendors and kratom companies who come on the front each month. This matter creates confusion in different kratom users because they are confronting a new name every day.

We decided to review different suppliers and sort out the best ones, eliminating all the scams to prevent users from confusing and faulty results.

In this article, we are gonna talk about a new vendor and about his company, on their approaches and services.


What is Left Coast Kratom?

Yes, we are discussing Left Coast Kratom today which is relatively a new vendor in the market and probably established in 2018.

This vendor is based in Oregon but when you experience to quick Google search their address then you will be redirected to the address of Soul Speciosa which was a popular kratom vendor of Wilshire Boulevard.

This fact might pop up in many people’s mind that Soul Speciosa might be the main root company of Left Coast Kratom or maybe there is some commonality between both of them, as both are wholesale suppliers.

Left Coast Kratom Product Range?

It would be more convenient and preferable that customers should view their product inventory themselves but before checking at your own, we will provide you with some brief detail about what they have in their stock. They provide a total of 15 different kratom strains.

Along with the most famous strains of kratom such as White Vein Kratom, Red Borneo Kratom, and Maeng Da, they have some unique and special strains as well such as the powder variety in White Sumatra Kratom and Red Kali kratom.

You can also get Ultra Enhanced Kratom strains which is a great need for many users who have been used to kratom for many years and have built up an extreme tolerance level.

Their extremely potent enhanced strains involve Ultra Enhanced Indo, the popular Gold Elephant Kratom, Full Spectrum Kratom Extract, the Left Coast Gold, and the Private Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract.


How Affordable is Left Coast Kratom?

Let me tell you with honesty, their prices are not like which keep you out of budget. These products are super budget-friendly which means they have reasonable prices. Their products such as powder varieties start from a price of $9.55 to 9.99 for 28 grams of the pack.

Their kratom extracts and tinctures are little higher in price from powders and start at the price of $12.95 but comparatively to other vendors in the market, these products are not expensive.

If you see even fewer prices anywhere, that would definitely mean the vendor is a scam and the kratom is not in its pure form which this vendor is not counts.

What’s more?

The products we have mentioned above ar not all, this vendor has more of kratom which surprises kratom customers. They have currently stocked some of the kratom accessories for the kratom fans.